Inge's Art to Warm your Heart

About inge


Inge, a native German, came to the U.S. as Inge Mueller to marry Richard, a Kansas City native. At age 12, Inge started using oil paints to express her creativity. While training as a nurse in Germany, she continued to develop her artistic skills and had her first art sales.

Inge has traveled and lived in different countries in Europe, Africa (6 years in Zambia), as well as the U.S. While raising their 4 daughters, Inge had little time for painting, but did a lot of photography.

In 2004, with an empty nest and 3 daughters living overseas, Inge picked up her oil painting again. One of her first paintings that year, “Plaza Lights”, was bought by an art collector, and the American Heart Association used it for their Christmas card in 2005.

Since then, Inge has painted more Kansas City scenes, organized a Sesquicentenial art calendar of historic sites for Shawnee in 2006 , and Olathe in 2007, and has exhibited in galleries and art shows in the Kansas City area.

Inge has been a member of the Olathe Visual Artists and The Greater Kansas City Art Association. In both of these, she was responsible for coordinating art shows.

In her paintings, Inge uses a limited palette of mostly warm, glowing colors. Besides her realistic KC scenes, more recently Inge has been inspired by the Hubble space telescope’s photos of the universe, and created some stunning images, reflecting those beautiful colors.

In choosing her colors carefully, it is Inge’s desire to open your eyes to see the natural beauty found in God’s creation.  

Inge and her husband, Richard, moved to Hamburg, Germany, in 2014.